Nowdays, almost every buyer prefers working only with credit checked suppliers. For your company to minimize risk and maximize profitability, checking a customer’s or supplier’s financial health is a good business practice. You may also request for a Sinosure report for your company to be well informed of your financial rating. It is the quickest and most convenient tool for spotting potential risk before commencing a new business transaction. With Sinosure rating, Tradefwd can help you more effectively assess risk and minimize financial exposure.



Sinosure report provide answers to fundamental questions like:
  Is my customers or suppliers well established?
  What is the credit rating?
  What is their track record on payment?
  How do they compare with their peer industry?

  Can I rely on their promise?
  Any change to their financial condition and stability?








China Export & Credit Insurance cooperation (Sinosure) is a state-funded policy-oriented insurance company with independent status of legal person, established for promoting China’s foreign trade economic cooperation. The company was established on 18 December 2001 and becoming a nationwide service network.


With substantial underwriting experience and reliable sources of information from other international rating companies, Sinosure provide comprehensive insights on country risks by assessing their political, social, economic and financial conditions through scientific analytical models. Their quantitative and qualitative analysis will enable you to be fully acquaintance with the risks in a specific country and company.




Rating Service

  For Suppliers
  Easy way to provide an acceptable credible rating.

Easy payment through “
  Fast turnaround
  One report for all rating enquiries

  For Buyers
  Updated insight of target supplier company
  Constantly manage and measure supplier risks






Unique Features of Sinosure Report


• Country risk analysis including country risks rating, economic conditions and industry analysis


• Substantial related market data for benchmarking comparison


• Insight on import and export data

• Company registration information and operation status

• Financial statement

• Banking relationships

• Governance check on related companies

• Management background

• History on forfeiture of trade contracts






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