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as Secondary Merchants of ChinaPay
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Easy Payment from China Customers with
UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP)


You can send a payment request to any China Customers with an email address!!


Register - as a tradeFWD member

Request - your Payment in the App

Track - your Payment Receipt status
Collect a payment from any China Customers (or CUP - China UnionPay card holders) with an email address in a few clicks on China ePay App.




• UnionPay (CUP) issued 3.5 billion cards in 2012
• ChinaPay is the exclusive online payment service provider
in UnionPay system.

• With the liberalisation of Cross Border Payment by Chinese Government in 2013, ChinaPay is authorized by SAFE (State Administration of Foreign Exchange) to settle 13 listing currencies from RMB.
• UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP) provides a safe and secure shopping environment for UnionPay cardholder to make online purchase.
• Easy and direct access to the world’s largest e-Commerce market.

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An innovative solution enabling Designer and Premium Brands to enter China, the world largest e-commerce market without the traditional barriers on language and payment acceptance. A successful Chinese eCommerce website combined with the company’s global model and integrated with payment feature geared toward the Chinese Consumers


Services Package


Corporate Membership of tradefwd, with access to the unique B2B Social Sourcing Network App,

tradesqr, for broader partnership within the communities

  Content Management of website with translation from English to localised simplified Chinese

  China Social Media Channels Management

  Chinapay Payment Solution as the secondary merchants of tradefwd

  Loyalties program available to incentivise re-purchases

  Waive of Merchant set-up fee and receive first USD2,000 transactions free


Experiential rate at  USD2,999 per year










China has a total population of 1.3 billion.
Mandarin is the main spoken language and Simplified Chinese is the written language used across mainland China





China has now surpassed the US as the world’s biggest eCommerce market

70% of consumers are under 35 and hungry for western quality

Internet penetration

11/11 is Singles Day in China, the world’s biggest eCommerce day in online shopping. The Chinese retailer Alibaba alone took in $5.7 billion in sales on this day in 2013.


• China’s eCommerce market has grown at 71% annually since 2009

• China’s eCommerce market was worth $190 billion in 2012. It is set to be worth $541 billion in 2015